Key bodies that support the pastor in his leadership and guidance of Our Lady’s Parish:

  • The Parish Pastoral Council acts to strengthen the fabric of our faith community through programs and initiatives that deepen our faith experience and tighten our social connection with one another.Current members are Fr. Babu Mathew (Pastor), Fr. Joseph Horo (Assoc. Pastor), Crystal Lynch (Chair), Kate Carr, Bro. John Gale, Jesse Gemmell, Stan Liu, William Wingson, Josephine Wong and Bertilla Watanabe.
  • The Parish Finance Council manages the parish’s budget and finances, ensuring that we are able to meet the obligations and needs of our immediate community and archdiocese, as well  as to share with the less fortunate here at home and around the globe. Current members are Fr. Babu Mathew, Lauri-Ann Fenlon (Chair), Trevor Armstrong, Steve Fleck, Michael Fernandes, Kristi Miller and Delwin Yung.
  • The Parish Education Committee establishes OLPH School’s operating budget and oversees maintenance and daily operations, including the hiring of school staff. The Committee’s decisions adhere to policies and regulations as set out by the Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese board. Current members are Fr. Babu Mathew, Renee Stafford (Chair), Ed Barnes, Peter Dodge, Kate Nemeth, Adrienne O’Callaghan, Doug Spaeth, Jutta Zeisler, Lora Clarke, Patty Ros, and Peter Veltri.
  • The Fundraising Committee reports on key fundraising events, assesses evolving community needs and makes recommendations to the Parish Education Committee and Finance Council on the use of raised funds toward initiatives that upgrade and renew infrastructure of the parish and school. Current members are Fr. Babu Mathew, Josephine Wong (Chair), Renee Stafford (PEC Rep) Louise Kim, Patricia Tewfik and Tracy Marajh.

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