Youth Ministry

The objective of the OLPH Youth Ministry is to help young people deepen their love and appreciation of Jesus. We do this mainly by gathering Sunday Mass and planning some other fun events.

We’re making the Sunday 5pm Mass a beautiful experience through our use of contemporary liturgical music. Another cool thing we added is Praise and Worship before Mass on the 2nd Sunday of each month. The basic idea behind PnW is to pick a theme –creation, mercy or love etc –  gather some amazing prayers and great songs that speak to this idea and then sing our hearts out! It’s fun and we know God hears us!

You don’t need to be good at music to be part of our Youth Ministry. You can help in so many other ways. We need ushers and readers too. If you want to help with social media or making video clips for us, please let us know! We will be planning more outreach projects like the one we did in the fall.

Our Youth Ministry Coordinator is Theresa Barao.

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