Morning Chapel

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Join us every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 – 9:20am for morning prayer in the Rectory chapel. Please download the iBreviary for convenient access to these prayers.

Morning Chapel is a tribute to St Alphonsus’ Evening Chapel which he started in Naples in his 30s. For St Alphonsus, it was a way of bringing prayer, preaching and community to the poor and marginalized of that region. At the time of his death at age 72, there were 10,000 active participants in these communities.

In our Morning Chapel we will pray the Divine Office which is the daily prayer of the Church. The Divine Office or Liturgy of the Hours are five sets of prayers, marking the hours of the day, sanctifying it with prayer and praise from Scripture.  The Hours are a meditative dialogue on the mystery of Christ. The dialogue is between the Church or individual soul and God. At times it is a dialogue among the members of the Church and at times it is between the Church and the world.

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