Project Advance 2021

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Dear Friends and Parishioners,

This year’s Project Advance theme “Our Way Forward,” is proposed by Archbishop Miller to continue the work that the Project Advance office began in last year’s appeal.  There isn’t a single person who has not been affected by Covid-19.

In our own community, the amount of education support we had to offer in 2020 to struggling families is an indication of how things have been. The numbers below show the amount the parish awarded in bursaries to students in Catholic and public schools last year compared to previous years 2017 – $13,155 | 2018 – $16,455 | 2019 – $10,613 | 2020 – $37,936

For 2017 – 2019, the average amount was $13,407. This amount tripled last year to almost $38,000 due to lost work opportunities and health-related issues among families.  That’s why I would like to use our Project Advance appeal this year to raise at least $34,500 for this outreach.

We still need to continue to grow our infrastructure development fund, something we have been doing for the past two years.  My hope is that we may raise $30,000 for this. Of course, we can only raise these amounts for the parish after we have met the Archdiocesan portion of the appeal set by the Project Advance Office this year at $41,500.  Our total parish goal for this year would thus be $106,000.

The story of suffering and hardship for so many is also one of hope and resilience.  I see this so often in our own parish and the generous responses to many of our appeals. This is also echoed in the uplifting message from Archbishop Miller in this year’s Project Advance message.  Please take two minutes to watch the video.

I understand that for some of you, this year like the last, may pose some financial challenges.  Prayer can help us discern the best plan for this support. A scaled-down giving plan over a few months is one way to make contributions more manageable.

Those who contributed to Project Advance in the last two years would have received Archbishop Miller’s Appeal letter in the mail already. In my message to you, I am reaching out to the entire parish community in the hope of a generous response by all.   The link for donations is here on You will be asked to indicate which parish your donation is for. I appreciate your giving this matter your prayerful consideration.

Yours in Christ,
Fr Babu Mathew, CSsR

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