serveDear Friends and Parishioners,

OLPH Parish is a vibrant community of active families. I say “active” because many of you have young families with busy lives. I urge you however to make faith-enriching activities an essential aspect of family life.  Serving in prayer and faith is a way of nourishing the soul and reaching out to the community.

Each of us has the responsibility of being stewards of our parish and the faith community at large. Our parish happens to offer a variety of wonderful opportunities which I am sure you would find fulfilling.

Whether it is helping to make coffee, greeting and ushering people to their seats, or helping with liturgical duties such as being a Eucharistic Minister, Lector or Altar Server, your contribution is welcome and much needed. There is much work to be done!

I urge you to make the time and take this opportunity to connect with your parish and fellow parishioners and commit to an area of service in as many ways as you can so that we may grow together in faith and good works.

We have a Volunteers Coordinator who will let you know of upcoming events. If you’re not sure how you can be of service, just email:
Fr. Leo English, C.Ss.R

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