Project Advance

Project Advance is the Archdiocese’s annual appeal for funds to grow the Church in this diocese. This appeal has been a part of the life of the Archdiocese of Vancouver for over 30 years. It is launched each Spring with a different theme. If you would like to find out more about how you can volunteer in this ministry, please contact the Coordinator.

When is help needed?
The appeal is intense for approximately six weeks in the spring, has a quiet time over the summer months and then ramps up again in the fall.

How does the Appeal raise funds?
There are two parts to each Project Advance annual campaign. (i) The first part of each Project Advance appeal supports selected Archdiocesan projects and needs. (ii) The second part of each Project Advance appeal is a parish rebate program, where funds over an Archdiocesan target are returned to the parish for parish specific needs.

What sort of help is needed?
Help is needed with keeping track of donations, making phone calls and presenting information about Project Advance to the parish and school parents.

For more information about helping with Project Advance, Bertilla Watanabe

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