Altar Servers

Altar Servers play an important role in the liturgical life of our church. They assist the priest at Eucharistic celebrations and other services such as funerals and prayer gatherings. They must develop an understanding of the rites, know the order of procession and the names of the implements used in worship. Baptized children who have received the Eucharist may join at the 4th Grade or higher.

What training is provided?
New altar servers are trained once a year in the fall. Training involves attendance at two 2-hour training sessions and subsequent service at Mass with experienced altar servers. Information about the training sessions will be distributed to those who are interested at OLPH School and will appear in the parish bulletin in September.

What is expected of an Altar Server?
Be familiar with the sacred rites, the order of processions, tasks during liturgical celebrations, funerals, weddings and other Sacraments. You need to be in the sacristy at least 15 minutes before Mass. Altar servers are scheduled to serve at the weekend Masses at least once every four to five weeks. If you cannot serve when scheduled, you are expected to find a replacement. Even when not scheduled, altar servers should be prepared to serve, if needed. For Alter Servers’ Duties & Procedures, please click here: OLPH Altar Server Duties and Procedures

To join or to learn more contact Altar Server Coordinator Kate Carr at 604-730-5640 /

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