Scripture tells us that God’s Word is living and active and has the power to transform lives – it must be proclaimed and not simply read aloud. Lectors – that is, those who proclaim the readings at Mass – are members of the Ministry of the Word, whose responsibility is to give voice to God’s Word.

How do I know if I qualify?
A lector is willing to ground his or her life in the Word of God. Vocal projection, a sense of confidence, maturity and love of Scripture are some of the basic requirements. Prayer and preparation are necessary to ready oneself spiritually for the task.

What does a Lector do?
There are typicaly two lectors during each weekend Mass. The first is responsible for enthroning the Book, proclaiming the First Reading, presenting the Prayers of the Faithful and then recessing with the book at the end of the Mass. He or she stays in the sanctuary during Mass. The second Lector is responsible for the second reading and sits with the congregation, stepping up only when it is time for the reading, then returning to his or her seat.
What preparation is involved?
Review the readings a few days before you are scheduled. There are web sites with information to aid you in this preparation. Look up the meanings of words you do not know. Being present when scheduled or finding a replacement when you cannot be there is essential. During the year, workshops are held to improve your skills as a lector.

How often would I have to read?

Typically lectors are called upon to read once a month at the Mass they usually attend.

To become a Lector or to learn more, please contact the parish office 604-224-4344 or email parish.olph@rcav.org.

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