Food Bank

The Food Bank supports over 100 meal-providing agencies and creates over 16,000 meals each week. Up to 9,000 individuals receive 3- to 4-day food supplements from the Food Bank’s distribution depots weekly. Many of the recipients are children and families. The OLPH Food Bank purchases food items at wholesale prices from local food suppliers and then sells these items at Our Lady’s during the monthly Food Bank Appeal. The donated food items are then delivered to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank for distribution.

What activities are involved?
The main tasks involve contacting selected retailers to get the best deal on non-perishable items, then picking up and displaying the items for sale at the weekend Masses. After the appeal, the purchased and donated items are delivered to the Food Bank.

How often will I need to be involved?
The OLPH Food Bank Appeal occurs once a month. There are a number of different activities and responsibilities that can be made to accommodate your schedule. We try especially to include young people in this service.

To learn more or to get involved, please contact Food Bank Coordinator Robyn Sirmul at

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