St. Vincent de Paul

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul responds to the needs of those who are not only poor financially but also lacking in spirit, self-esteem, employment and other resources. The SSVP is not a parish organization but is parish-based, doing works within and outside its boundaries.

What kind of work is involved?
Every Wednesday evening and one Monday, the OLPH Conference of SSVP does a coffee and clothing run to the downtown Eastside. Volunteers serve coffee, juice, sandwiches and dessert as well as offer clothing items, especially in the winter. Volunteers are also needed to pick up donated bread and baked items 2 nights a week from Cobs Bread in Deep Cove. Volunteers also work at the SSVP Thrift Store sorting donated items and helping with the sale of merchandise. Occasional assistance is provided to needy families and individuals. Some assistance is given to the DTES for Sacred Heart Parish events and schools that educate needy children.

What kind of time commitment does it involve?
Cobs’ pick-ups and delivery are one evening bi-weekly. Hours at the store are negotiable. Service in the DTES is on a need basis.

For more information or to become involved contact the Conference President Mary McGuire at 604-224-1288.

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