Altar Guild

The Altar Guild creates an environment appropriate for the celebration of our liturgy. The care and beautification of the sanctuary and its environs is a labour of love. They are the simple tasks of the everyday household, given greater significance because they are done for the house of God and for His people.

What sorts of duties are involved?
– Laundering and ironing of small linens.
– Dry cleaning and laundering of priests’ vestments and altar cloths.
– Sanctuary cleaning
– Floral arrangement
– Brass polishing
– Rectory chapel care
– Feast Day set-ups

Is training provided?
Training is provided by experienced ministry members.

What commitment is expected?
Floral arrangements and sanctuary cleaning are done on a rotational basis, currently once every nine weeks. Small linens are a two month responsibility each year. Other jobs are done as required.

To join or to learn more contact Altar Guild Coordinator Bridget Bird at 604-228-9180.

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