Catholic Women’s League

catholic-womens-leagueThe Catholic Women’s League of Canada is the largest national organization of Catholic women in Canada. Rooted in gospel values the League’s mission is to call its members to holiness through service to the people of God. Open to women 16 and older the CWL campaigns as a national voice for issues concerning ethics, drugs, women’s rights, human trafficking, child pornography and abortion. At OLPH, the CWL also works to strengthen the parish through a variety of activities.

What events does CWL hold at OLPH?
Each year, the CWL holds a Christmas Fair to raise funds that support operating costs and a variety of charities such as Vision TV, Meals on Wheels, Sisters of the Atonement, The Door Is Open and Mater Care. The group is particularly supportive during times of difficulty, organizing funeral receptions to give bereaved families the opportunity to meet with friends and relatives, and offering up Masses for the sick and deceased.

What if I can’t attend all (or any of) the meetings?
Members who are unable to attend meetings can become a prayer-member – one who prays for others and the success of the CWL.

What are the benefits of membership?
The CWL is a great way to bond with other women of our parish who share similar values. With greater membership, the CWL can expand its reach into a variety of critical areas such as health, education, Christian family life, community life and legislation. Advocacy at the national level is more effective the greater the number of women for whom the CWL speaks.

To find out how to become a member, contact Meg Knowling.

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