Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist have the privilege of assisting in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ during Mass or bringing it to those who cannot join in physically at the table. It is perhaps one of the easiest, yet most profound ways to serve your faith community.

Is there an age limit?
All Eucharistic Ministers must be 21 or older.

What training is required?
A new Eucharistic Minister must attend an hour-long training session in which you are prepared for Communion in both forms. You will be taught the order of procession and the correct procedures for distribution, storage and cleansing of vessels.

How often will I be scheduled?
Usually once every 3 or 4 weeks and always at the Mass you usually attend.

To learn more or to become a Eucharistic Minister, please contact the parish office at 604-224-4344.

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