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Walking with Jesus Lent 2024 


OLPH Youth had a great time on Saturday Feb 18, 2016 at Mt. Seymour on our snow tubing trip. It was a beautiful snowy day in Mt Seymour.

Elijah Gemmel said that, “the epic part was the battles to get to the lift first. Kyle would run ahead and I would grab the strap from his tube and pull him back, then I would run towards the front of the line… and then he would dive and grab my feet so i crashed down into the snow and he would race ahead. If you were in the front tube you could lob snow balls down at the person being pulled up the mountain behind you… but the guy in the tube following would have to throw way up hill to hit the person in the front tube. It was an epic battle each time we reached the bottom.”
He also said, “One time i tried to ride two tubes down the mountain, and when I hit a bump I lost one.It was epic.”

Kyle said, “Yeah it was fun.”

Sylvie Son who is a regular member of the Youth Ministry said: “At first I was scared to go head first but it was a lot of fun.  I wish my friend could have joined us but she was not able to come because she had classes to attend.”